Nottingham has some of the best fabric stores/markets in the United Kingdom where you can find wide varieties of material at reasonable prices. From hand-printed to beautiful silk fabrics, from cotton to embroidered ones, you can find next to everything here.

When it comes to fabric shopping, there is no place like Aso Asiko.

Aso Asiko is an African-owned fabric store based in Nottingham, United Kingdom with a passion for fabric rooted deep in Nigeria and Ghana, countries known for the most quality and beautiful African fabrics. We specialize in Bespoke African Dresses, Fabrics, Beautiful African Accessories i.e Shoes, Bags, Head Gears, Auto Gele, Face Masks, Hoodies, African Wax, Ankara jackets, Jewelries, Ready Made and others. The Aso Asiko, as the name suggests, is a one-stop market for all your fabric needs. 

Ready to wear clothing and African fabrics

Aso Asiko is founded in January 2012, ASO ASIKO started as a small fashion house in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, one of the busiest cities in West Africa, inspired by the demise Olawale Emmanuel Adedeji, a great fashion icon in the family who didn’t live enough to actualise his dreams of ASO ASIKO. LYNCOS as were previously called witnessed a glorious inception with the news of it’s launch across the whole cities in West Africa with top fashion icons and celebrities in attendance. Our first year was tremendous and welcoming and we cultivated the plan to make it bigger hence the birth of ASO ASIKO LIMITED.

ASO ASIKO was launched in Nottingham as an online store in 2018 and then became a physical store in April, 2019. ASO ASIKO is fabric store that caters to the entire African community and to all African fashion lovers in Nottingham and all around the United Kingdom through it’s vast network and e-commerce website.

ASO ASIKO is a name carved out in West Africa Nigeria from the Yoruba clan which simply means “Latest Clothings Or Trending Clothings”, and as the name suggests, our main focus is to provide Africans and African Fashion and Clothing lovers with the latest in African Fabrics, Designs and Accessories with great value and to position ourselves as the number 1 African Fabric Retail store serving the UK market for African Fabrics and accessories all over the United Kingdom.

Aso Asiko - best online fabric store

And by VALUE, we mean great prices on all our product and 100% unbeatable quality and designs. How do we do this?

We buy directly from suppliers, no thirds parties, we bargain hard and milk out great savings which we then pass on to you.
We buy in volume and contract early to get the best prices and deals.
We keep our costs low and competitive because every penny we save is definitely a penny you save.
We keep update on fashion trend and the fashion bible, updating sticks and researching new designs just to make your visit as interesting and reassuring as possible with new designs and trends every time you visit.

Currently, you can order directly by calling our sales line on 0115 874 6171 or visit our website We plan within the next 5years to have our store in Manchester and Birmingham and many more over the years.

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