Autogele by ASO ASIKO is a creative innovation in the art of tradition Gele. Autogele come in stunning designs crafted to look like fascinators thus making them a multi-functional accessory complementing both traditional and western outfits.
It is a bespoke product which allows you the luxury of determining your preference while eliminating the hassles of gele tying and the time wastage associated with it, very easy to put on and take off.

Autogele by ASO ASIKO has a velcro fastening at the back which allows everyone to be able to fit it to their heads perfectly!
It can be worn in as quickly as a minute after finishing the face.
No Headaches and Migranes
Forget any painful experience you’ve had with Gele in the past as this feels very light and comfortable sitting on your head without you remembering it’s there until people complement you on your look.


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