In today’s ‘picture perfect’ world, many women are struggling to accept and love their bodies. The media often injects all sort of crazy ideas about the ideal body shape or size. This can make just about any woman feel bad if they gain a few kilos or if they don’t look like the models on magazine covers. As long as they have tried to rebalance and adopted a healthy lifestyle, women should be proud of what they have done and be happy with who they are

Here are some ways to inspire and encourage women to embrace their physical appearances, no matter what shape and size they are:

Teach About Healthy Diet- if women want to adopt a dieting programme, they should do it to stay healthy, instead of to reduce or gain weight. Following a series of restrictive diets, women can suffer from a distressed mental state, especially if they are unable to meet their ideal body weight goals. This may lead to an eating disorder, with bingeing, purging, and food deprivation. Many weight-focused diets fail, but health-oriented ones have a much better chance for success.

Encourage Them To Have Healthy Body Image- an overweight person with healthy lifestyle is much happier about themselves and their appearance than those with an ideal body weight and poor life habits. We need to encourage women to change their mindset by being proud of their healthy habits. Even if they don’t believe it at first, one small achievement after another will slowly restore their confidence. Continue repeating this mindset until they have a better mindset about the “ideal” body standard.

Advise Them To See People In A Different Way- the way women see others indicates their internal thoughts. By seeing people in a positive way and appreciating them better, women may change their thoughts. They should stop putting unrealistic standards on others, so they don’t do the same to themselves.

Expose Them To Body Diversity- around the world, there are many proud and confident women, regardless of their body shapes and sizes. Instead of comparing themselves to “perfect” bodies in magazines, advertising, and TV, women should seek to contribute positively to society. Women should join social activities and events, where they are exposed to different kinds of body shapes and sizes. They should remain among women who seek to do better for others, instead of trying to make themselves thinner and more “ideal”.    

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