It’s time to embrace some new trends and learn how to incorporate the next “it” items into your closet. Here are a few guides to buying less, shopping better and transforming your look in 2022.

Whether you’ve been living in your loungewear or have been online shopping more than ever before, there have been plenty of changes in our approach to fashion this year. But, one positive of having more time at home on our hands is that we have had an opportunity to evaluate what we really need in our wardrobes – and a new year is a perfect time to figure out what should stay, and what should go.

1. Make an effort to discover new brands

One of the main reasons we get stuck into style ruts is because we get attached to and comfortable with certain shops. It’s great to have your core favorites who you trust and you know last well, but there are always so many new, amazing brands hitting the market that are waiting to be discovered. From high-end designer labels to more affordable mid-range brands, keep exploring all year round. You’ll end up with some truly special, stylish finds (that – bonus – nobody else has).

2. Clothes swap with your most stylish friends

One great way of keeping your wardrobe feeling fresh is to swap pieces with friends. Operate your one-in, one-out policy by getting rid of something that you haven’t worn in months and trading it for a piece your friend has got bored of wearing (but you have always had an eye on). Whether you host clothes-swap parties with a big group or just have a deal with one friend, trading clothes is a great way of having an exciting wardrobe without spending any money or doing any further damage to the environment.

3. Yellow can brighten up your winter closet

Yellow will brighten up cold, dim months.

I’d start by investing in a blouse that you can wear on a brunch outing or date.

It should pair well with the existing knits in your closet — a cardigan, a leather jacket, a fun pair of printed pants — but it still adds a little bit of extra joy. 

4. Vested puffers are a timeless investment

Whether you find them unfashionable or unflattering, you may want to rethink your stance on vests — this gem is going to change your fashion life and take you a long way this season. 

When it’s cold outside but you don’t want to completely overwhelm your outfit with a coat, you can get away with just wearing a denim or leather jacket if you add a vest as an added protective layer. 

I like to wear my vest with heels or jazz it up with a funky brim hat and a chunky turtleneck. 

5. Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t suit you

As well as holding onto things that don’t fit, many of us keep pieces that we know don’t suit us. Often we’ve bought something on a whim because it’s a big trend or because we saw someone else wearing it and thought they looked amazing – but because it just doesn’t suit us, we’ve never actually taken it out of the cupboard. If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel confident and comfortable, it has no place in your life.

6. Ankara skirts are sure to be the preferred length in 2022

We all loved mini skirts in the 1990s. And if you missed out on the trend then, now is the perfect time to jump back in and show off your legs. You can never get it wrong wearing our Ankara bottom pleat Skirt.

7. Long Sleeve Leopard Bustier Bodysuit are the new wave of comfort

Yes, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable clothing and fix your eye on a new wave of comfort: long sleeve leopard bustier bodysuite.

There’s an assortment of styles that you’re going to want to add to your closet — including some trendy bold prints. To be truly stylish does not take a huge budget or three walk-in wardrobes worth of designer clothes – you don’t need a lot to look good. What you do need though, is to make good, sensible decisions.